Decency and quality

Those are two central words for us and what we stand for – as colleagues and business partners. 

We believe in basic decency, alignment of expectations and clear communication. And we always do our very best to help our partners and customers – it’s in our DNA. 

We met each other at a former workplace and quickly found common ground. So, when the circumstances were right and the opportunity arose to join forces in a partnership, we seized it. 

And here we are! Ready to boost your communication.  

Do you need our help?

Nanna Pedersen


Nanna has an MA in international business communication and a B.S. in English and international marketing.

Nanna has worked as a QA consultant, language consultant and translator, and she has experience with linguistic quality assurance, proofreading digitalized teaching material and translating Danish news into English for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

Most recently, she has worked as a coordinator and supervisor at bureauet in Jobindex, where she managed the day-to-day work of a team of 10 copywriters and was responsible for the linguistic quality assurance of the many job ads produced by the team.

Kira Vesterholt


Kira has an MA in culture, communication and globalization and a BA in English and international studies. 

Kira has previously worked with scientific communication, copy editing and translation. 

Before Tekstsnedkeriet, Kira was a senior copywriter at bureauet in Jobindex, where she advised on and taught customers about targeted, written recruitment and employer branding communication. 

Kira has written more than 1000 job ads in Danish and English for some of Denmark’s largest companies, and she has been in charge of copy editing and quality assurance for the other 10 copywriters.