Customized solutions to suit your needs


We can help you with smaller tasks such as quality assurance, writing short texts and copy editing/editorial work at an hourly rate.


Do you have a bigger communication project or a specifically defined assignment? We will give you a fixed price and time frame, so you know what to expect from us.


We will agree on a specific number of hours each week, for instance 5, 10 or 20 hours for an agreed period of time.

Unsure of what suits your needs best?


Our prices really depend on the task at hand. Therefore, we do not have fixed prices, but before we start, we will always present you with an offer for you to approve. 

To get an idea of the price, we usually start with an informal chat, which is of course free of charge. 

This depends on the task, but we always make sure to align expectations and deadlines before we start. 

To give you the best possible product, we need to make sure that you know exactly what you want to communicate.

Before we start writing, we always make sure we fully understand your expectations for the outcome – and we inform you of what we need from you. 

We welcome any relevant background information or notes from you in advance. 

When we send you a text, you always have 2 rounds of feedback/corrections to ensure that everything is just right.

When we agree on the content, we will provide a final proofreading, and the text is good to go. 

No, we write, proofread and edit texts in both Danish and English. And we also do translations from Danish to English and vice versa. 

Har du styr på grammatikken?